Z.E.O. cover-art

zeocoverHere’s what the cover of my next book, Z.E.O., will look like.

I’ve had a copy for a while, but was told to keep it under wraps.  I noticed today, however, that it is up on Amazon.com, so I’m assuming that means it’s fair-game. 

I think it looks good!  I particularly like how, if you look past the zombie-businessman,  you can see signs of a zombie-apocalypse outside behind him.  Adam Bozarth, my illustrator from Zen of Zombie, is back to do all of the illustrations in this book too. 

 Z.E.O. is a zombie send-up of how-to-get-ahead-in-business books the way Zen of Zombie was a send-up of self-help books.  And man oh man, if the guys who write self-help books are douches, then the guys who write business books are giant douches!  These idiots are far beyond ripe for a brutal parodying.  I intend to provide it.

I’ll be busy over the next few days with Christmas stuff, and will probably not have time to blog, but I hope that everybody has an awesome zombie winter holiday!

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