I have a poem in Brocabulary, Daniel Maurer’s new book

Daniel Maurer’s opus, featuring a Guyku by me!

A few months ago, Daniel Maurer asked me to contribute a “guy-ku” (that is, a Haiku about an aspect of the male experience) for his new book Brocabulary.  I sent him several from which to choose.  This weekend, reading the book for the first time,  I found that he had decided to include one I’d penned about jogging in sub-zero weather.  I think he chose wisely!

Aside from my own contribution, Brocabulary is a delightfully lewd and rude book, which I must heartily recommend.  If you like puns (as most smart people do) then you will find Brocabulary as rich as marzipan with them.  In fact, I cannot recall ever reading a book that packs so many puns-per-square inch as Brocabulary.  It is a remarkable feat, and the author should be proud!!!


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