FREE zombie drumming– Tonight in Chicago!

Pictured: Blurry zombie drumming!

Hey zombie-friends!  Tonight my band the Blissters will play a FREE show at Reggie’s Rock Club in the South Loop in Chicago, at the more-than-reasonable hour of 9:40pm.  If you are in Chicagoland, please feel warmly invited to join us.  It should be a great time.

At the show, I promise to play the drums like a zombie!  Which is to say, “well.”  (I feel like zombies always give 100% to everything they do, so I think about zombies to inspire myself before we play.) 

I look forward to meeting any zombie-fans, and will be only too happy to sign any copies of The Zen of Zombie.
Also, the Blissters are celebrating getting 2 songs on the soundtrack of a major-studio teen sex comedy coming out in 2009.  (I will blog more about this when it’s finalized, though contracts have been signed.)  It’s not a 10-album deal with Capitol Records, but it’s a start…  Please come celebrate with us!

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