I will appear on the radio in Denver, CO

Rick Barber, who will interview me in the middle of the damn night

Attention insomniac Denverites:  Tomorrow (Thursday) morning at 6am EST (4am Denver time), I will be on the “After Midnight with Rick Barber Show” on KOA 850 AM in Denver, Colorado.   I will be Rick’s guest for a full hour, and we will talk about zombies and zombidom!

Apparently, KOA is one of the few stations at 50,000 watts (the largest broadcast-range allowed by the FCC), so you can hear it hundreds of miles away.  Rick’s program director says that it can be heard in 38 states, and has an estimated audience of over 1 million people.  So anyway, it sounds like you can tune it in even if you live outside of Colorado. 

I am excited to do the show, and am trying to think of interesting zombie things to talk about.  I haven’t been on the radio since I did the Alan Colmes show a couple of months ago, and that was just for five minutes.  This will be a chance to go into zombies in a little more depth!

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