Zombie, Indiana

I’m using this page to post blurbs and media related to my novel, Zombie, Indiana, released by Skyhorse Publishing in May, 2014.


Zombie, Indiana has been nominated for Fiction Book of the Year by the Chicago Writers Association.

“I think Scott Kenemore might be one of the best literary stylists working in the horror field right now.  Probably the best since Dennis Etchison.  And the fact that he works with my favorite monster, the zombie, just makes it all the better.  I know of few writers – Connie Willis or Joe Lansdale, perhaps – who can equal his range.  Kenemore handles thrills, gore, humor and authentic human drama with equal aplomb.  I have long regarded him as a favorite, and Zombie, Indiana continues that run unabated.  Horror in the heartland has a new master scribe, and his name is Scott Kenemore!”

— Joe McKinney, Bram Stoker Award-winning author of The Savage Dead and Dog Days

“A tour de brains! . . . I mean force!”

Scott Carney, Clarion Award-winning author of The Red Market

“Once again, Scott Kenemore has proven himself a master of zombie literature. For the third time—following Ohio and Illinois—he fully transports the reader into a distinctive Midwestern locale. Indiana comes alive in his skillful scene-setting, making the place as much a character as the engaging figures who play out their familial, socioeconomic, and political dramas against the backdrop of a zombie outbreak. Kenemore’s undead sneak up on you in underground caverns, wreak havoc at fairgrounds, and creep through cornfields; yet the greatest danger may not be the zombies. What we really have to fear may, in fact, be each other…”

— Joanna Parypinski, author of Pandora

“With Zombie, Indiana, Scott Kenemore shows once again why he is the most exciting author of zombie fiction working today.”

— Matt Mogk, author of Everything You Ever Wanted to Know about Zombies, and President of the Zombie Research Society

“The first thing the novelist learns is to write what he knows– or to know what he writes. In the third installment of his ‘Zombie’ series, Scott Kenemore makes clear that he knows the Midwest, he knows fear, he knows carnage– and he most certainly knows zombies. This is one novel you won’t want to read before bed.”

— Dan Torday, author of The Sensualist and The Last Flight of Poxl West

“With this third novel (which belongs to the series I suggest he begin calling “The state of the zombie”), Kenemore refines his technique and finds another great story to tell.  […]  Zombie, Indiana hits the sweet spot between entertainment and insight. Kenemore has written an enjoyable romp for the reader with brains.  Highly recommended.”

— Brendan Riley, Associate Professor of English, Columbia College Chicago; Charter Advisory Board Member, the Zombie Research Society
“Scott Kenemore has once again proven that he is an amazingly gifted writer who brings to the genre tales that are equally humorous and thought-provoking, gory and inspiring. Zombie, Indiana is just the latest in a string of highly entertaining zombie stories that every horror fan should get their hands on right away. It is a fast-paced novel with great characters and an even greater message. If Kenemore ends up writing 47 more books to cover every state in the union, I will gladly read every last word.”

— The Girl Who Loves Horror.com

“[Scott Kenemore] indeed has quite a knack for making ghoul fiction that matters.”

“Kenemore writes in simple, direct prose; wordplay that is clever, but not showy and primarily serves to propel the action forward. His characters are fully fleshed and the general tone of the novel is breezy and fun (as opposed to the more nihilistic and depressing zombie fare that saturates mass-media today). Avid readers should be able to whip through ZOMBIE, INDIANA in less than a day and there’s nothing wrong with it. It’s like a catchy, clever pop song, one that goes down easy but still offers a few bends of convention that make it memorable.”


“Kenemore weaves tension (and some fairly heinous zombie violence) with the right amount of humor and adds just enough satire about the local folks to make this a highly entertaining read.”

–Black Gate

“Offers up a fresh take on a familiar foe…  [. . .]  Kenemore delivers a smart, satirical sleeper.”

–Adam Clarke, Rue Morgue Magazine


“I can tell I’ll have to put this on the top of the stack. (I like the bit about the Cuban cigar.)”

Hank Burleson Mitch Daniels, Governor of Indiana, 2005-2013


4 thoughts on “Zombie, Indiana

  1. I just finished the book zombie Indiana. I adored it. Being from Indiana it’s nice to read a book not set in New York or California!

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