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Zombie Outbreak Film Festival pics

Here are some pictures I took at the Zombie Outbreak Film Festival at the Portage Theater in Chicago last month.  It was a really fun event.  I got to introduce the Z.E.O. trailer, sold and signed books, and met lots of nice people. 

And zombies.

Famous Chicago-area zombie "Kitty Zombie" buys a book (and appears appropriately enthused)!

One of the costume contests. (I think zombie-cop is totally checking out zombie-Red Riding Hood...)

Zombie Outbreak Film Festival — This Saturday in Chicago

ZombiePortagePosterI’ll be signing copies of Z.E.O. (and maybe doing some zombie trivia) at the Zombie Outbreak Film Festival this Saturday (Nov. 14) at the Portage Theater in Chicago.  It looks to be a great event.  They’re showing a bazillion awesome zombie movies, including my favorite of all time: Return of the Living Dead.  There’ll be a zombie makeup contest, vendors, raffles/giveaways, and similar festive stuff. 

Also appearing will be Ron Fitzgerald (co-star of Tales from the Script), Claire Fluff Ryan (Director of Tales from the Script), Kitty Zombie, The Undead Comic, Justin Johnson (Director of Zombie Girl the Movie), Mac Eldridge (Director of Chemical 12-D), Walter J. Walsh (Director of The Basement), and Sam the Zombie Hunter. 

It’s just $12 to get in, or $10 if you buy your tickets in advance on the interwebs.

Here’s the film schedule:

5:00 pm   The Basement
5:10 pm   Tales from the Script Promo
5:20 pm   Sub Hub Trailer
5:25 pm   Fleshbeast
6:00 pm   Chemical 12-D
6:10 pm   Z.E.O. Trailer
6:15 pm   Break
6:45 pm   Colin
8:15 pm   Break (Undead Comic)
8:45 pm   Pathogen
9:45 pm   Break
10:00 pm   Zombie Girl The Movie
11:30 pm   Break
MIDNIGHT   Return of the Living Dead

I will appear at the Zombie Outbreak Film Festival on November 14 in Chicago

I have agreed to appear and sign/sell books at the Horror Society’s “Zombie Outbreak Film Festival” on Saturday, November 14 from 5pm-1am at the Portgage Theater (4050 N. Milwaukee Ave.) in Chicago, IL. 

It looks like it will be a pretty cool event.  They’re screening Return of the Living Dead, which is my #1 favorite zombie film of all-time.  And if you’re a filmmaker, you can submit a film.