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Poetry: Zombie Haiku

A Haiku: This poetry's great--If you like verses about-- Brain eating corpses!

Ryan Mecum has written a marvelous new collection of Haiku poetry called Zombie Haiku.  He has also produced an interesting and original zombie-themed YouTube video to plug it.  Of both of these things, I must strongly approve!

The poetry in Zombie Haiku is not just a bunch of poems about zombies (though there would, of course, be nothing wrong with that).  Rather, the poems form a narrative told from the point of view of a rampaging zombie.  Tremendous!  However, this is not to say that the poems don’t stand on their own.  Consider the elegant simplicity of this excerpt from Mecum’s work: 

You’d think I’d get full

eating so many people,

but really,  I don’t.

If this sort of verse tickles your fancy (as, certainly, it does mine), then Zombie Haiku is totally worth your checking out.  Mecum has already appeared at ComiCon, and I predict big things for him in the future.  You can click here and here for more information about Mecum and Zombie Haiku.