’s history of zombies in video gaming just published their history of zombies in video gaming.  It’s a neat article.  Take a look and see what you think. I think they do a good job of including all the games where the walking dead are clearly represented and called “zombies” by name.  But gee, what about all the video game monsters who are justContinue reading “’s history of zombies in video gaming”

Onarga, IL = right out of Left 4 Dead

Like many of you, when I travel for work or vacation, I often find myself considering how the places I visit would fare in a zombie attack.  Certainly, not every neighborhood or piece of architecture lends itself to a zombie scenario, but I’ve certainly enjoyed considering the zombie-related benefits and drawbacks of structures like The Renaissance Center and TheContinue reading “Onarga, IL = right out of Left 4 Dead”