voltaic zombies

As you might imagine, I get lots of submissions to this blog from PR folks wanting a post or a link to something zomb-ish they’ve created to highlight a client’s product or service.  Most of the time I don’t post them, simply because they’re not clever or well done.  But this chart from the American Battery Council (ABC) is cause for an exception!  As post-apocalyptic fiction fans know, the value of batteries in an undead outbreak cannot be overemphasized.  This chart supplies some interesting uses for batteries that I’d never before considered.  And some that I had.  (I’ve long-said a moat filled with battery acid would be the best zombie defense, period!)  Have a look:


Good job, American Battery Council PR person!  Huzzah!

One thought on “voltaic zombies

  1. I didn’t know several of those. The method of rubbing steel wool along a 9-volt battery to light a tinder pile is great. Simple and accessible. Pretty cool for people who sell batteries. I guess you never know who’s going to be imaginative.

    Reckon it’s like fantastic writers working in retail or as waiters/waitresses. They don’t get credit for the creative aspects of their personalities whiles wiping coffee spills and serving entrees.

    Thanks for posting that, Scott. I appreciate your discretion in posting the cool stuff rather than blasting your blog with everything that comes your way.

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