A bold assertion in the Times


I don’t usually like to just repost MSM articles about zombies, but this piece by Michael Cieply in today’s NY Times makes some remarkably bold assertions with little evidence provided to back them up. Has it really been established beyond all doubt that Kirkman has eclipsed Brooks as the central cultural driver of zombies? Really?  (And, according to the article, this is based upon the reaction of fans at Comic Con?  [Observed by whom?  When?])


This just feels like a case where you really want to cite at least one authoritative exterior source (who agrees with you) before making sweeping generalizations.

“How do I know that Kirkman now ‘overshadows’ Brooks? I just do! Am I citing any book sales or media impressions or search engine results to back this up? Of course not! Did I ask George Romero or Matt Mogk or ANY ZOMBIE EXPERT AT ALL to corroborate this assertion? You KNOW I didn’t!!!” (High five.)

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