Zombie, Illinois has gotten some good media attention recently!

The Library Journal review is subscription-protected, so I’ll also paste it below.

LIBRARY JOURNAL – October 15, 2012

“A zombie outbreak in Chicago brings together three very different people—Ben, an ambitious newspaper reporter; Mack, the pastor of a congregation located on the city’s troubled South Side; and Maria, the drummer of an all-women punk band—who form an alliance based on staying alive and helping others do the same. When the death of the mayor in a zombie attack hits the news, the city’s aldermen make plans to fill his position. Some of them see the zombies as a convenient smokescreen to cover up their unscrupulous ambitions. When Ben and his two companions discover what is happening, they realize that they may be the only ones able to save the city. Kenemore’s sequel to Zombie, Ohio raises the bar for zombie fiction, combining the standard blood and gore of zombie battles with shady politics to tell a story of human resilience and the triumph of community solidarity. VERDICT The author of the mock self-help Zen of Zombie series continues his saga of zombie warfare with a strong, compelling story that should appeal to genre fans.”


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