New zombie game goes live

Zombie Wasteland Goners, the new zombie game from Jason Ozubko, has just released its first public alpha.

According to Jason:  Zombie Wasteland Goners is a free, online game of survival and betrayal set in the zombie apocalypse. You take turns with your friends, roaming the zombie-infested wasteland, fending off the undead, and fighting for survival; but that’s just the start. No two games of Goners are alike because each time you play you’re assigned new and random goals. Are you trying to save your best friend or get him killed? Are you trying to steal everyone’s stuff or just take down all the zombie bastards that you can? Are you trying to get to the chopper or trying to ensure that no one makes it out alive? No one knows your motives but you! So try your best to sneak and steal your way to victory, but just beware of the other survivors. Whether or not you are plotting against them, they may be plotting against you. And if there’s one thing worse than being a survivor, it’s being a goner…

For for information– or to play– click here.

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