They never use my best blurbs. . .

As Gawker just noted, this week marks the release of Sad Monsters by Frank Lesser.  It’s one of the funniest comedy monster books I’ve read in a long time.

In my opinion, the best part– out of many, many good parts– is a chapter called “The Riddle Artist,” a guide to using PUA/Mystery/Neil Strauss-type seduction techniques to pick up a Sphinx. Hilarious idea, right?

I was asked to blurb this book, so in addition to some gentle, mildly-funny declamations of praise (which I knew they would actually use), I also sent in a crazy screed from the point of view of a frustrated Sphinx-fetishist who was finally able to achieve his dream of bedding a Sphinx by using the techniques found in this book.  It was not used.

It ensaddens me that publishers are hesitant to use crazy, profanity-filled blurbs, even when they copiously praise the book in question.  Perhaps, with the assistance of the Denizen of the Pit, this culture can slowly be changed. . .

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