In case of zombies…

Here’s a cool website that sells zombie-themed clothes, stickers, and “Zombie Defense Boxes” which are glass cases with “In Case of Zombies, Break Glass” stenciled on the front, and appropriate items (ranging from Twinkies and Red Bull to machetes and actual machine guns) housed inside. 

The other day I wrote about seeing a zombie defense box (if, truly, convention now dictates that these things shall so be named) at Donnie Dirk’s Zombie Den in Minneapolis that had a bloody chainsaw inside it.  (I didn’t see any bloody chainsaws among the offerings on the In Case of Zombies website, but what they do have is still pretty cool.)

Update 2/5/10:  A member of the staff contacts me to report that a chainsaw defense box is currently in development.  Huzzah!

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