Zombie Fit

This morning, WGN News profiled a group called “Zombie Fit” which seemed to be a kind of exercise club with the goal of instilling participants with the parkour-like skills needed to survive a zombie attack.

Their website isn’t much, but take a look.  They appear to have regular classes that meet at a gymnastics center just outside of Chicago.  If you want to avoid zombies and get fit, this could be just the thing for you!  (I hope they have “advanced classes” where you get to try to avoid simulated zombies.  That would be delightful!)

2 thoughts on “Zombie Fit

  1. Yes come to Excel gymnastics in St. Charles for a great and fun workout with the Zombiefit crew. Sorry but there are no simulated zombies. We run a parkour class at the gym but Zombie fit is more than just parkour.

  2. I have attended ZombieFit weekly since November, and it’s awesome. Yes, it is mainly focused on Parkour and conditioning right now…but I don’t think it would be much fun throwing the beginners straight into simulated Zombie attacks! They would always lose!

    I hope to see some Zombie simulation in the very near future though 🙂

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