Donnie Dirk’s Zombie Den

Over the weekend, I went to Donnie Dirk’s Zombie Den, a zombie-themed bar in Minneapolis (and, to my knowledge, one of the only zombie-themed bars in the country).  It was totally excellent, and I had a wonderful time!

There were zombie-themed drinks for sale, and zombie movies playing on flatscreen TVs.  Zombie-killing weapons adorned the walls, along with growling zombie heads (and deer heads).  The male staff all dressed like Simon Pegg’s character in Shaun of the Dead, and the female staff wore sequined gowns.   The decor was really neat too, from the reflective trim on the walls to the retro vinyl booths to the leopard-print carpet.

My friend Brian, who was my host in Mpls., explained that the neighborhood containing Donnie Dirk’s is a little dodgy, but that felt right to me.  This is definitely a place you feel rewarded for having hunted-for in a forbidding part of town.

Here are some pictures I took.  (I took these when we first got there at 5pm, right after they opened, so it looks pretty empty.  But by 6:30, the place was totally hoppin’.)

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