Movie Review: Trailer Park of Terror

Last night I watched the 2008 Trace Adkins zombie comedy Trailer Park of zombietrailerpark2Terror.  I’d expected it to be a lousy B-movie, but it was really great!

The film begins when an ostracized woman of negotiable virtue shoots-up a trailer park.  (She is tempted into doing so by the Devil, played by Adkins.)  Then, years into the future, members of a Christian retreat for troubled youth find themselves stranded on a rainy night in the very park where the massacre occurred.  They are invited to seek shelter from the storm by a seductive resident of the trailer park. 

Then the zombies come.

And I’ve got to say, if you like fast-moving, garrulous zombies, then this film has just some of the best I’ve ever seen.  There’s a morbidly obese zombie woman who is always hungry for meat.  There’s a zombie-taxidermist who turns humans into jerky.  And my favorite of all is a zombie Elvis-wannabee, who sports a 50’s hairstyle and plays guitar.   (I feel like the Elvis-/1950’s-greaser-zombie must be an ancient archetype.  I see it so many places, and it is done to perfection in this film.)  When they get down to business however, these trailer park denizens are just as hungry as the next zombie.  The gore is pretty graphic, but also creative and tastefully done.  (My favorite scene involves an undead Asian masseuse giving a “happy ending” to an unsuspecting victim… zombie-style.  Very creative and memorable.  Also very gross.)

Nichole Hiltz, the lead actress, expertly channels Jamie Pressly from My Name is Earl and does an awesome job playing an evil, trailer park, redneck seductress.  Also, the woman from My Name is Earl who plays the “daytime prostitute” (I forget the name of the actress) is in this film as a cashier. Come to think of it, that might be the best yell-it-across-a-parking-lot description of Trailer Park of Terror:  “It’s My Name is Earl… meets zombies!!!” 

Trailer Park of Terror also opines firmly (ha!) on the tricky question of zombies’ ability to achieve tumescence.  (As one zombie remarks to another:  “Baby, you just made my South rise again.”)  

Important Note: If you rent this, be sure to watch the “behind the scenes featurette.”  It has interviews with all of the zombies in character, and is very funny.

Here’s the trailer, which really doesn’t do it justice:

2 thoughts on “Movie Review: Trailer Park of Terror

  1. I initially had some doubts about this film, but after reading your review, I’m going to check it out.

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