An unexpected zombie pleasure

Over the weekend, I went to see the new Kevin Smith film Zack and Miri make a Porno.  I’d zackandmiriseen clips of the Seth Rogen character in a “Monroeville Zombies” shirt, but I’d assumed it would be a one-off joke.  I was wrong.  As it turns out:

  • The film takes place in Monroeville, PA. 
  • Rogen’s character plays on a hockey team called the Monroeville Zombies (along with “Randall” from Clerks).
  • One scene is shot inside the Monroeville Mall.
  • Tom Savini himself plays a leasing agent!

So, duh, there were a lot more Dawn of the Dead references than I was expecting.  How delightful!

Am I, then, saying you should see this film?  Not necessarily.  If you hate Kevin Smith films (I know some people who do), then no, the zombie references probably won’t redeem it for you, and you shouldn’t go.  But personally, I like most Kevin Smith films, and I thought Zack and Miri was better than some of the middling reviews it’s gotten.  If you’re like me, then the Romero references will just be the icing on the cake.

Final thought: Maybe there were other Romero/zombie references I didn’t catch.  (I did get up to go to the bathroom at one point.)  Has anybody else seen this film?  Did I miss anything?

One thought on “An unexpected zombie pleasure

  1. I haven’t seen it yet, but hope to soon. I love the idea of Kevin Smith (and crew), Seth Rogan (and crew), Pornography References, and Zombie References all being in the same film.

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