Zombie Pin Ups in Chicago

Pictured: A Zombie Pin Up

Today, in Chicago, a boutique is offering a “makeover” in which women can be converted to burlesque-style zombie pin ups.  Michelle L’Amour (the head-honcho of the Chicago neo-burlesque scene) will apparently be present and, in some sense, “styling” the zombies.  I’ve met Michelle a couple of times at different functions, and she seems like a really nice person. 

It is interesting to me that the Chicago burlesque scene is big enough to have a zombie subset.  If you aren’t from Chicago, you should know that the neo-burlesque scene is huge here.  (I mean, I say it’s “huge” but I know of like 2 people who can do it as a full-time job.)  I’m not saying Chicago has the best burlesque scene in the country (I know some folks who are adamant that the New York City scene is better), just that’s it’s the largest.  There are a number of different troupes.  Some seem to take it very seriously, while others are quite amateurish. 

Anyhow, I’m always remarking to friends that, in the future, when they make movies set in the Chicago of the ’00s, they’ll always have to make at least one character a neo-burlesque performer. 

Final thought:  Neo-burlesque performers usually give themselves tongue-in-cheek names like Cherry Magdalene or Reckless Abandon.  I wonder what kind of names zombie burlesque performers would give themselves?

3 thoughts on “Zombie Pin Ups in Chicago

  1. YAY I’m famous! I’m thinking of being undead Marilyn Monroe for halloween… yes.
    Also, NYC neo-burlesque scene can eat Chiago’s scene for breakfast. There are at least 2 shows going on any given night. And I know several people perform/produce/whatnot full time. Michelle l’Amour is the only Chicago performer I can think of. And maybe I’m wrong (Reckless says I am right!)… but you haven’t been to NYC lately to verify either, have you. so therrrre.
    -Zombie Marilyn Monroe (lusts for barbiturates)

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