Non-zombie post: I am proud of Arnold Madlangbayan

Pictured: Arnold Madlangbayan (right) and the author, circa. 2006

As I’ve noted before, not every post on this blog will be about zombies, and today I want to write a post to recognize my friend Arnold Madlangbayan, guitarist/singer/songwriter in my band the Blissters for doing his first feature print interview!  It appeared yesterday in The Windy City Times, one of Chicago’s gay newspapers.  (Chicago doesn’t just have a free “alternative” newsweekly like most cities do; it also has two explicitly GLBT newsweeklies.)  Anyhow, talking to reporters can be an intimidating process, but Arnold did a great job.  He just jumped right in and totally was himself, which I think is the best approach to take!  Click the link above to take a look.

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