Zombie-in-Chief cover hi-res

I’ll be using this page to archive blurbs and reviews for Zombie-in-Chief: Eater of the Free World, releasing August 15, 2017 from Skyhorse Publishing.


“A political satire with bite—and braaaains—in the hues of blood-red, corpse-white, and undead-blue, Zombie-in-Chief is a clever reimagining of the 2016 election with explanations so good, you may be left wondering if our current president isn’t a zombie himself. Sometimes all we can do is laugh in the face of horror, and this novel provides a perfect outlet for that desire amidst the current political anxiety—a bigly, tremendous success. Scott Kenemore is going to Make America Love Zombies Again!”

– Joanna Parypinski, author of Pandora


“A biting satire that spits out alternative facts and explanations for our current political apocalypse. The orange skin tone. The border wall. The mindless followers. It all makes so much sense now.”

– S.G. Browne, author of Breathers and Less Than Hero

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