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ZRS at Walker Stalker Con Chicago 2014


I’ll be appearing along with fellow Zombie Research Society Advisory Board member Brendan Riley this coming weekend at Walker Stalker Con 2014 in Chicago at the Stephens Convention Center.

On Friday at 4pm, we’ll be part of the panel “Zombies and Philosophy: How zombies teach us to be more human.”  I’ll also be signing and selling books at the ZRS booth (#408) on the convention floor.  Come say hi!

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The ZRS in The Chronicle of Higher Education

Using our Comic Con panel as a jumping off point, today the Chronicle of Higher Education profiled the neuroscience branch of the ZRS!

Click here to read the article. 

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Zombie Disease Control

Zombie Disease Control is the new graphic novel that will feature the exploits of the Zombie Research Society.  Here’s the cover of the first issue, featuring Tara C. Smith and myself.  I can’t wait to see more!

Click here for details on the ZRS blog.

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ZomBcon 2010

I just got home from ZomBcon 2010 in Seattle where I gave a talk about zombies, served on a panel, and signed some books.  ZomBcon was a really wonderful, well-run event.  It was a delight to meet my fellow members of the Zombie Research Society Advisory Board, and all the other zombie luminaries present.

Here are some pictures:

With Steven Schlozman and George Romero

Me with Matt Mogk, founder of the ZRS

Some scoundrels!

We were totally in Seattle!

With S.G. Browne, author of Breathers

I shot an air-gun at zombie Hitler. It was awesome.

Bruce Campbell gave a rousing talk

George Romero talks zombies on a ZRS panel.

The best sign I saw in Seattle.

The second best sign I saw in Seattle.



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ZRS contest winner likes her book (apparently)

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Online-community creator and Harvard psychiatrist added to ZRS Advisory Board

Ryan Leach (Co-Creator of LostZombies.com, the world’s first community-generated zombie documentary) and ZOMBIERESEARCHBLOG12Steven Schlozman (Co-Director of Medical Student Education in Psychiatry at Harvard Medical School, Associate Director of Child and Adolescent Psychiatry Residency for the MGH/McLean Program in Child Psychiatry, and Lecturer in Education at Harvard Graduate School of Education) have been added to the Zombie Research Society’s Advisory Board.

Here’s a neat interview with Dr. Schlozman about zombie neurobiology.

And here’s a link to LostZombies.com.

Welcome to them both!

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ZRS in Wilamette Week

ZOMBIERESEARCHBLOG12Here’s a neat article featuring an interview with Matt Mogk of the Zombie Research Society from Wilamette Week, a news outlet based in Portland, Oregon.  (I serve on the Advisory Board of the Zombie Research Society.)

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